Weebly to Shopify Migration

Platform migration is quite complex compared to setting a new eCommerce store. If done incorrectly, it can impact your store’s data and negatively affect your SEO rankings. For these reasons, it is crucial to work with a professional Shopify migration agency. 

At CartUnited, we take care of your entire migration process. Our end-to-end Weebly to Shopify migration services imports your entire eCommerce database to Shopify while retaining your SEO rankings.


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Why Choose Shopify Development Services by CartUnited?

Get the competitive edge with oudecade long experience in the SEO and eCommerce industry

Guaranteed peace of mind with two-way communication and updates

Cost-effective solution and flexible pricing plans with no hidden or overhead charges

On-time delivery of your eCommerce store without compromising on quality 

Round-the-clock online support that is easily accessible through Skype, Hangout, and Google

Minimal downtime 

Reasons to Migrate from Weebly to Shopify

Shopify is a powerful and reliable eCommerce store, which provides a secure and robust foundation for business owners to run an eCommerce storeIt offers a vast range of features and reporting tools, allowinyou to track your business performance.

Quick setup and implementation 

Huge library of apps, features, and add-ons 

In-built content delivery network for effortless mobile and web delivery 

​​Proactive customer support team for troubleshooting issues 

Mobile-friendly interface for store management 

Secure and reliable infrastructure for hosting and transactions


Import Every Aspect of Your eCommerce Store with Our Weebly to Shopify Migration Services


Product information including title, images, descriptions, pricing, etc. 

Product Attributes

Product reliability, quality, specifications, design, etc. 

Product Variants

Product subcategories such as color, dimensions, weight, etc.

Custom Fields

Supplementary details related to product descriptions

Downloadable Products

Digital information available in popular downloadable formats 

Pricing/Inventory Rules

Bulk inventory and price rules on existing data

Strip Html Styling

Clean displayed data by stripping HTML tags 

SEO Settings

301 redirects or rewrite URLs to keep SEO rankings intact 

Content Pages

Templates and page information, such as Contact Us and About Us pages

Other Images

Featured images on homepage, content page, etc.


Review fields are imported during the migration process


Entire order data including current status, products, and billing info


Complete tax history from your old eCommerce store

Coupon Codes

Active coupon names and discount codes with an expiration date 

Item category Images

Images linked to your product category pages 


Complete customer information, including name, email, phone, and address 

Customer Groups

Grouping customers with common/related data


Product manufacturer’s name and date on each product page

Manufacturer Images

Manufacturer’s brand logos and database for easy filtering

Our Client-Centric Migration Services Deliver Personalized Shopify Solutions

Planning and Organizing

Our team analyzes your project requirements and reviews your website to identify code and data to be migrated. We then design a step-by-step strategy to initiate your project for further migration stages.

Theme Selection

We design a fully customized theme or tweak an existing one to deliver a perfect theme for your eCommerce store. Our highly responsive themes empower you to meet your business goals. 

Prepare The SEO Plans

We help you retain your SEO rankings by creating 301 redirects for your existing products and content to direct visitors to your new website. We also build a new, strong on-site SEO strategy to boost your organic traffic post-launch.

Data Migration

We use automated migration tools to migrate data, content, products, and customer transactions from Weebly to Shopify. We also identify custom functionalities and implement them on your new eCommerce store. 

Testing and Clean Up

We prioritize quality-driven migration solutions, which is why we perform comprehensive testing for the successful validation of data and coding. Testing also allows us to identify and fix bugs before launching.


After testing your website on various metrics, it is ready to go live.  

Our post-migration services keep your website optimized for customer engagement and driving sales.

Our Other Services in Shopify

Shopify Store Development & Setup

We help you establish a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing Shopify store to create a stable and speedy online presence. We focus on developing a Shopify store to showcase your brand’s messaging.

  1. Shopify store setup and shipping integrations
  2. Shopify templates and website designing
  3. Built-in SEO tools

Shopify Custom Theme Development 

Our UI/UX designers leverage their expertise to create customized new themes or modify the existing onesWe design highly responsive, unique themes for a seamless user experience.

  1. Customized Shopify store designs
  2. User-centric Shopify theme development 
  3. Cross-browser and platforms compatibility 


Shopify App Development

We provide advanced Shopify app development solutions to help your business reach a higher level. Our developers create engaging interfaces to improve your customer retention and revenue. 

  1. Customized Shopify apps for order management
  2. Custom Marketing and inventory apps
  3. Compatible on iOS and Android platforms


API Integration and Custom Plugin Development

We help you make the most out of your Shopify store by integrating it across various platformsYou can add complex functionalities with our secure, reliable third-party API integration services.

  1. Inventory management
  2. Sales and accounting integration 
  3. ERP, POS, and payment gateway integration 

PSD to Shopify Conversion

Our PSD to Shopify conversion services transform your creative PSD files into an attractive and engaging theme. We customize your designs into a functional and easy-to-navigate layout.

  1. Pixel-perfect Shopify themes
  2. PSD, JPG, Sketch, and Adobe to Shopify conversion 
  3. Cross-browser compatibility 

Shopify Support & Maintenance Services

Our experts monitor your Shopify store constantly for a quick error resolution, ensuring minimum downtime, domain issues, and preventing security breaches. 

  1. Quick access to support team via Skype, Google, and Hangout 
  2. Shopify website and app monitoring 


Success Story

I’m the owner of Forester Beauty in Switzerland and we have been running a webshop under Magento, which was just not up to date anymore. I’ve contacted Dee and he led me through the whole process of migrating our online shop to Shopify, including custom elements to enhance user experience. The whole Project Team at Cartunited has a very professional attitude and provide their support and insights promptly. They go above and beyond to satisfy their customers needs and assisted me even during their off working hours and weekends.

The Result was great, we now have a state of the art onlineshop and did not have any downtime for our customers, sales have been up by 10% in the first month already and we aim to have it a 25% by mid year. I can only recommend to work with Cartunited as they only work with experts in their field and that helps us as clients in the end as they seem to be able to tackle every problem you can think of.

Operations Manager, Forester Beauty

Forester Beauty is one of the largest online retailer of Hair and Beauty Products in Zürich, Switzerland. Liek other SME's, they were largely dependent on developers for managing and maintaining their ecommerce store on Magento, making the process slow and not being able to spend time on Marketing and business growth. Cartunited recommended them to move to Shopify, a hassle-free, easy to maintain hosted e-commerce platform

  • Improved Google page speed score
  • Aesthetic alterations together with a bucket load of dynamic transitions and enhancements that further reduced the bounce rate
  • Email marketing app integration



$699 Small Startups - Professional store with premium Shopify theme
  • Complete store setup
  • Upto 50 Products migration
  • Installation of a Premium Shopify theme (We recommend Booster theme)
  • Home page with: a. Carousel Slider
    b. Featured Products/ Categories
    c. Best Sellers
  • Categories, Customers, Orders, Coupons, Reviews, Images migration
  • Domain migration
  • 100% Ownership and Control
  • 5 Day delivery


$1,999 Mid-sized stores - Professional store with premium customized theme
  • Complete store setup
  • Upto 500 Products migration
  • Installation of a Premium Shopify theme (We recommend Booster theme)
  • Custom Home page design
  • Categories, Customers, Orders, Coupons, Reviews, Images and Blogs migration
  • SEO retention
  • Domain migration
  • 100% Ownership and Control
  • Multilingual upto 3 languages
  • Free Apps with Booster theme to increase your sales -
    Social Proof
    Countdown timer
    Cross sell
    Optimise cart
    Direct to checkout
    Related product
    Product appsell
    Smart mega menu
    Free shipping
    Currency converter
    Exit discount
  • FREE Booster theme license
  • 8 Day delivery


Call Us Large organisations - Advanced store setup with custom design
  • Have a complex store?
  • Let our consultants help you in planning your online store tailor-made for you with enterprise
    level features like :-
    a. Multi-Store setup
    b. External Integrations
    c. ERP
    d. CRM
    e. Accounting
    f. Marketplace (Amazon, etc)
    g. Multi-Vendor Marketplace

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